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When we service your gas appliance we do much more than a flue gas analysis test, considered to be a, "service," by some other businesses. We will carry out the work in accordance with our 10 point servicing policy. Summer is here, and it is the best time of year to have this done. Why? If we find something is wrong, then theres no desperate rush to rectify things. In the winter months, we are running flat out to cope with breakdowns, as we prioritise these over routine servicing.


1.  Test the appliance for gas leaks.

2.  Check that there is adequate ventilation for the particular appliance.

3.  Check the suitability of the flue, and for signs of damage etc.

4.  Strip/clean and check the internal condition of the appliance for corrosion, wear and tear.

5.  Check the gas rate, and or gas working pressure against the manufacturers data.

6.  Check the correct operation/condition of all safety devices.

7.  Test for the correct evacuation of products of combustion.

8.  Carry out a flue gas analysis test against the manufacturers specifications as appropriate.

9.  Confirm if the appliance is in a safe condition for use.

10. Issue a work report stating any faults found, and recommendations.


Fernox TF1 Filters.

With the exception of Fernox TF1 filters, we will clean out system filters, if fitted, during a standard service. We have had experience working on Fernox TF1 filters, which has resulted in this policy. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.


We service most types of gas appliances, with the exception of gas warm air units, and flueless gas fires.



There is no substitute for experience, so when your central heating or gas appliance breaks down, you can be confident that we will correctly diagnose the problem quickly. If parts are required, they are often held in our van stock. You can rest assured we will have your central heating or gas appliance back up and running as soon as possible, with the minimum of fuss.


Boiler Replacement.

If you are having your central heating boiler replaced, we will listen to your requirements and offer advice on the options available. We wont spend hours in an attempt to make you accept an on the spot quotation. Our quotations are always sent by either email, or if you prefer by post. You will not hear from us again, unless you contact us, as we have an old fashioned no pressure policy regarding our quotes. Should you decide to accept our quotation, the work will be completed by us, as we never use sub contractors.


Gas Fires.

We service and repair most gas fires, with the exception of flueless gas fires, which we have a policy of not working on. We normally dont install gas fires, due to most not proceding to installation after survey.


Power Flushing.

Are your radiators not heating up the way they used too? Central heating systems can get fouled by sludge and scale, which can cause poor circulation, pump failure, cold spots in radiators, higher fuel bills and poor system performance. Powerflushing may be the answer, so give call us for advice and a free quotation.


Landlord Gas Safety Certificates. (CP12)

It is a legal requirement for a landlord of a rented property to have the gas installation and appliances in their properties tested annually for safety, (CP12) and have the gas appliances serviced. We can help you to comply with your legal obligations, with fixed rates for these services.



Commercial Catering Gas Services.

Commercial catering establishments, such as resturaunts, fast food outlets, fish and chip shops, and pubs that serve food to the public, must by law have their kitchens inspected and certified safe on an annual basis. Failure to comply could result in the closure of the kitchen. We can help you comply with your legal obligations, with fixed rates for these services.



We also carry out all of the above services in properties using LPG, including LAV's, Permanent Dwellings, Caravans etc.

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Central Heating Services Ltd

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Normal Working Hours

Mon - Fri      8.30 am - 5.00 pm

Sat               9.00 am - 1.00 pm

Sun              Closed..................

Our rates dont change on Saturdays or bank or public holidays, most of which we are normally open for business. In as much as we work Saturday's up to 1pm, these appointments are very popular, and get filled quickly.



Normal Working Areas


We cover most of Glasgow, (sorry not city centre)  East Renfrewshire, East Kilbride, Barrhead, Neilston, Paisley etc.


Outwith Normal Working Area

Occasionally we may agree to travel outside of our normal working areas, mainly for Commercial work, however we may have to add travelling charges to cover our time and fuel etc.