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Gas Service & Repair Rates

We publish our rates up front. The price you see is the price you pay with no hidden extra's.


Description                                          Charge                           Remarks


Service Gas Boiler                               £55.00            Applainces must be working.


Service Gas Fire                                   £55.00            We dont work on flueless gas fires.


Service Fire & Back Boiler Unit           £60.00


Repairs From                                         £60.00           See Repairs, terms and conditions.


Install Gas Cooker                                 £55.00           Plus parts.


Install Range Cooker                             £60.00           ​Plus parts.


lnstall Hob                                              £75.00            We dont cut or alter worktops.


Disconnect Appliance                              £60.00            We dont take away old appliances.



                                                         Terms And Conditions.


Repairs, terms and conditions.

If we complete a repair on the first visit and no parts are fitted, regardless of how long it takes us, we will only charge you £60.00 for our labour. Parts if fitted are charged at the standard retail rates.


Should we be unable to complete a first visit repair; eg, we dont have the part required in our van stock, we will not charge for the call, under our, "No Fix, No Fee," policy. We will offer a fixed price quotation, including parts and labour, to return and complete the repair. If the customer does not accept our fixed price quotation, its this simple, there will be no charge.


There are certain situations when it may be possible to attempt a repair of an existing part, and avoid the expense of replacement, eg, an expansion vessel in a sealed system that has lost its air pressure. This is a common sealed system fault, where the vessel can be blown up again, in the same way that a flat tyre is pumped up. In the vast majority of occasions this is enough to resolve the problem. The customer can decide wether to proceed with the attempted repair, which will be chargeable, or request a quotation to replace the vessel.


There are occasions when external controls for a central heating system may be faulty, which may stop a boiler with no internal fault, providing hot water or heating. Should the engineer use his expertise to by pass the faulty controls to restore hot water or heating, then this repair will be chargeable. We will also organise a quotation to replace/upgrade the faulty controls.


If we cant repair an appliance, because the part required is no longer manufacturered, or we determine that the appliance is too old, or in too poor a condition to repair, there will be no charge for the call, under our, "No Fix, No Fee," policy.


If we are requested to carry out work after determining that an appliance cant be repaired; eg a 40 year old boiler that is leaking water into a property, should a customer request us to carry out work to arrest the leak to stop further damage to their property, this will be chargeable at the standard rate for labour, plus any parts used.


If your boiler or central heating system is covered by breakdown insurance, we are happy to deal with your insurance provider. However, your insurance provider must initiate the request to attend. We have had a few instances, were we have called out, identified the parts and work required, given a quotation directly to the customer, who then informs their insurance provider, who then gives the repair to their own contractor.


Servicing Charges.

A service will not repair your faulty appliance. If your appliance or central heating is not working correctly, it has to be repaired prior to being serviced.


We charge £55.00 to service most working gas appliances. We dont charge for sundries used during a service, eg, smoke pellets, smoke matches, fire sealing plate tape etc.


Multiple Appliance Service Discount.

When more than one appliance is to be serviced in the same property at the same visit, each appliance will be eligible for a £5 service discount.


LPG Work.

The prices for servicing etc, stated above are for natural gas meter fed installations. We are also qualified to work on LPG installations and appliances. In general the charges for these are £10.00 extra. For example a boiler servive on an LPG boiler  would cost £65.00 in total. Please feel free to enquire when booking an appointment.


Fernox TF1 Filters.

With the exception of Fernox TF1 filters, we will clean out system filters, during a standard boiler service. We have had previous experience working on Fernox TF1 filters which has resulted in this policy. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.


Cooker Installation Charges.

In addition to our charges for labour for cooker installs, when there is a live gas pipe we can connect directly into in situ. The following items are sometimes required.

LPG cooker hose               £25.00

Standard cooker hose        £15.00

Bayonet fitting                    £10.00

Stability chain or bracket    £  5.00


Parking Charges.

Should we have to pay parking fees to carry out work, these will be added to the Customers bill.

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Normal Working Hours

Mon - Fri      8.30 am - 5.00 pm

Sat               9.00 am - 1.00 pm

Sun              Closed

Our rates dont change on weekends, bank or public holidays, most of  which we are open.



Normal Working Areas


We cover most of Glasgow, (sorry not city centre)  East Renfrewshire, East Kilbride, Barrhead, Neilston, Paisley etc.


Outwith Normal Working Area

Occasionally we may agree to travel outside of our normal working areas, mainly for Commercial or LPG work, however we may have to add travelling charges to cover our time and fuel etc.